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"There we are on the beach having our wedding ceremony, and there are uninvited onlookers.
Andreas, our photographer, being aware of the situation and the angles required to position the camera, he took marvelous photos of Michael and I."

Miami Beach Wedding Photography,

requires a slightly different planning, and few other situations have to be considered, where in a normal wedding ceremony, in an indoors location, one does not have to consider.

For example, most of the times, our bridesmaids walk bear foot on the beach or wear flat shoes.  Wearing regular shoes is not convenient even when walking on the carpet placed in the aisle.

South Beach Wedding Photographers,

most of the times, have more flexibility to ask the bride to do more daring things, like walking on the sand without shoes or getting her feet wet.

Miami Beach and South Beach are one of the most popular centers in the world of fashion photography, and brides want to emulate that feeling

It seems that the bride who decides to have her wedding ceremony on the beach is, by all means, a little more adventurous and layback than brides who decide to have their weddings at a more formal locations.  Of course for more traditional religious weddings, having the wedding on the beach is not an option. 

To sum up, there are a lot of small details to consider, and as you know the details, well planned and anticipated, make the whole wedding to be fun, laidback, and smooth.

An experienced Wedding Photographer can make or break your wedding.

We provide consultations before the wedding, and go over the details with the bride and Groom (and parents if they are involved with the planning).

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