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Miami wedding Photographer, Andreas Katsouris, creates images of couples in an effortless and creative way that captures the unique closeness and character of the couple in Romantic and photojournalistic ways.

Miami Wedding Photographers have to be familiar with the unique, exotic and tropical locations of Miami and especially of the locations of the wedding, before the ceremony, ceremony and reception.

Andreas sets himself apart by anticipating how the wedding will unfold. Getting familiar with the families of the Bride and Groom, The names of close relatives and friends, and the bridal party. This detail alone is mostly appreciated by the couple and shows the professionalism and socials skills of the photographer. You will like your photographer to be an insider and a friend, someone knows what to do when the wedding does not go as plan, one who can blend in and still get all the special moments.

Having consultations with the Bride and Groom before the wedding and going over details and how all the other vendors will come into the whole planning, and anticipating the wedding progression is a major key of creating beautiful photographs that the couple and their families will cherish forever.

Please, call to chat over the phone and answer any questions you might have without any cost or obligation.


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miami wedding photography graphic

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Miami Wedding Photographer,
Andreas Katsouris took the time to know all of our family and friends, the details of our wedding, and his wedding photography show all the emotions, relationships and fun that relfected in our wedidng.

Daniela Bensch, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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