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Wedding Photography

Far more than just information about wedding photography, this section will reveal secrets most brides never realize about how their photographer can impact the most special day of their lives...

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Family Photography

For people who feel that their family is the most important thing in their life - discover all the things you should look for in a family photographer, plus hear from families who value their family photographs above almost any other thing they own...

Senior Photography

Did you know that more people will see your senior photograph than any other photograph you ever have created? Yes, even more than your wedding photographs!

Children's Photography

Everything you need to know about how to capture your child's innocence - his or her completely natural smile - all without fake posing or goofy backgrounds. Your photographs of your child will become something you cherish for the rest of you life...

Miami Beach Wedding Photography






Affordable Wedding Photography, and Video
Affordable wedding photography, and affordable wedding video, is what most of future brides and grooms are looking for.  Nevertheless, I see that is best to inform my clients on what is different in choosing a professional photographer and videographer than choosing someone who is just cheap.  Most people,  who are not trained artist and know the technical aspects of creating beautiful images in photography and video, cannot tell the difference of a great image and an ordinary image.  It is the responsibility of the artist to explain it.  Please, CLICK THE LINK Wedding Photography, so you can learn about choosing your wedding photographer.  Also, CLICK THE LINK Wedding Videography, so you can read about choosing your wedding videographer in more detail.

Artistic Wedding Photography, and Wedding Video
Artistic wedding photography and video can be defined as the capture of emotions, feelings and relationships of the couple with their family and friends in a way that when the see the photographs and the video after the wedding, it will bring them back to their wedding day.  It is not based on how many photographs or how long the video is, but is what the photos will tell you.  Just few photos, can interpret the wedding event and re-create the emotions and thrill of the wedding day BY AN ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHER.

The Best Wedding Photographer(s), either creative contemporary, traditional or photojournalist, no matter what equipment he/she uses, has to care about the client.  In order to do that has to really become the client, understand the concerns, fears and personality of the client.  This way can create rapport with the bride and groom.  That is why it is so important to meet with the photographer before the wedding.  Consultations and wedding planning before the wedding (even if you have a wedding planner) are so important.  You see the photographer can make or break your wedding.  What I mean by that is your photographer is with you mostly for the whole day (when one has a whole day coverage).  He has to photograph your wedding in a timely manner, even if you are running late, within reason.  He has to coordinate with all the other vendors.  For example, if he takes too much time at the church to take the photographs after the wedding ceremony, then you might arrive at the reception late.  The food might not be served on time and on and on.  The best wedding photographers and videographers know all the details about your wedding so they can anticipate what happens next.  They know the important people at your wedding by name, thus during the wedding they will anticipate to capture the relationships, reflections, emotions, reactions and memories of the couple with their family and friends.

Digital Wedding Photography and Videography, in this new technological era we live is changing every few months.  New advances in technology, new techniques and software.  The true professionals and accomplished photographers and videographers, always keep abreast of the technology and new methods by attending seminars, networking, and continuing their education.  As photographers we (saying we, I include all the other professional associate photographers)  have to be proficient in digital capture and manipulation by using the latest photoshop,  and other software, techniques.

Bar or Bat Mitzvah Photography and Video requires the same attention to details like the weddings. 

Quince Anos also requires the attention and detail with professional photography and video in every event.  Many times the Quincenera, will dress up for her party, or for location photos with the most elegant dress, and many times, people will wonder if she is a bride.  Planning and consultations before the event or the photo session are very important.  The Photography Studio canl give guidelines and suggestions for the photography and video session.  They questions the parents and the Quincenera are not too different than the questions of a bride.  Click here

City Location, and Counties in South Florida for Photography and Video include, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Miami, Hollywood, Hollandale, Aventura, Sunny Isles, Miami Beach, North Miami Beach, Key Biscayne, Weston, Cooper City, Pembroke Pines, Miami, lakes, Key Largo, Key West, Islamorada, Homestead, Hialeah, Dade County, Broward County, Collier, Lee, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach.

Destination Weddings are very popular.  Andreas Katsouris Photography, is located in Miramar, South Florida, which is one of the most popular destinations for weddings, other than Orlando, moreover we travel here in the States, and in any part of the world (call for more information) to cover wedding photography.

Hotels, Resorts and Country Clubs we have worked, or looking forward to provide our photography and video services include, Hotel Inter-Continental, Lowes Hotels, Marriott, Sheraton, Ritz-Carlton, The Palms, Sonesta Trump Resort, Diplomat Hotel and Country Club, Boca Raton Resort and Country Club, Breaker's, Mandarin, Hilton, Starwood, Concorde Hotels & Resorts, Four Seasons.


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